Oren Blass, PsyD

Clinical Psychologist

35 Yehoshua Ben Gamla St, Jerusalem. Israel






PsyD in Clinical Psychology.

Dissertation: “Respect For Clients In Therapeutic Relationships – A Phenomenological Conceptual Study.”

Advisor: Prof.  Nancy McWilliams

Graduate School of Applied And Professional Psychology (GSAPP). Rutgers – The State University of New Jersey.



Studies toward an MA degree in Philosophy.

Thesis (submitted and accepted): “Would a Rational Person Choose to Enter a Capitalistic Social Order – A Criticism of Social Contract Arguments in Kant's and Rawls' Doctrines.”

Advisor: Prof.  David Heyd.

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.



BA (Cum Laude) in Philosophy and the "Amirim" Honors Program.

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

 Clinical Experience

2010 – Current Clinical Psychologist In Private Practice
2012-current Clinical Psychologist

"Ilan" Community Mental Health Center for Treatment of Children and Adolescents.

2008-2012 Clinical Psychologist (Israeli License: December 2010)

Summit Institute for Psychosocial Rehabilitation

2007-2008 Psychology Intern

Haifa University Counseling Center

2006-2007 Psychologist

New Brunswick Day Hospital Program

University Behavioral Health Care – University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (UBHC-UMDNJ)

2005-2006 Psychology Intern

Newark Internship Program – UBHC-UMDNJ  (APA Accredited)

2001-2005 Practicum in Clinical Psychology

The Psychological Clinic (GSAPP)

Cases in long term and short term dynamic orientation, CBT orientation, and family systems orientation.

2002-2004 Practicum in Clinical Psychology

Rutgers Foster Care Counseling Project

Individual, group, and  family therapist; Leader of group supervision group.

2002-2003 Practicum in Clinical Psychology

Rutgers Tourette's Clinic

Individual and group therapist

2002-2003 Practicum in Clinical Psychology

Newark extensive day hospital program – UBHC-UMDNJ

Individual and group therapist

2001-2002 Practicum in Clinical Psychology

Edison Job Corps Academy

Individual therapist

 Other Relevant Professional Experience

2017 Clinical facilitator

Supervision group for senior speech therapists who facilitate an experiential workshop for BA level speech therapy students.

Communication Disorders Department. Hadassah Academic College. Jerusalem. Israel.

2012–current Consultant

The Adler Rehabilitation Community Center for Aphasia

Hadassa Academic College. Jerusalem

2009 Trainer In Group Facilitation Skills

Israeli Ministry of Education

Course for school counselors

1998-2001 Group Facilitator

School For Peace – Neve Shalom\Wahat AsSalam – Israel

1999-2001 Group Facilitator

Seeds of Peace – USA and Israel

1998-2001 Group Facilitator, Trainer of  Volunteers

The Educational Department – The  Jerusalem Rape Crisis Center

 Teaching Experience

2012-2017 Visiting Lecturer

Culturally Sensitive Intervention – A Dynamic Workshop (MA Level)

Hadassa Academic College – Israel

2012-2014 Visiting Lecturer

Psychological Treatment of Schizophrenia (BA Level)

Ben Gurion University – Jerusalem Haredi Campus- Israel

2002-2004 Teaching Assistant

Courses: The Clinical Interview (Graduate Course In Clinical Psychology); The Arab Israeli Conflict (Undergraduate).

Courses given at Rutgers – The State University of New Jersey.

1998-2001 Teaching Assistant

Courses: Great Books of the Western Civilization; Philosophy of Science; Historical Thought.

“Amirim” Honors Program – The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


2013 Psychotherapy In English By A Native Speaker of Hebrew – A Personal Account With Some Theoretical Reflections (In Hebrew)

"Communication Disorders in Multilingual and Multicultural Population" Hadassah Academic College. Department For Speech Disorders. Jerusalem. Israel

2011 Treating Schizophrenia Psychodynamically Without Looking For A Psychodynamic Aetiology of Schizophrenia (In Hebrew)

Psychosis and Psychoanalysis In The Institutional Culture. International Society For The Psychological Treatment Of Schizophrenia and Other Psychoses. The Hebrew University. Jerusalem. Israel.

2006 Human Dignity, Respect For Clients And Respect For The Truth (In Hebrew)

“Amirim” Honors Program – The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

 Research Experience

2002-2004 Research Assistant

Evaluation of the "Team Solution" psychoeducation program for schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

יש ללחוץ כדי לגשת אל 822.pdf

Responsibilities included conducting group psychoeducation interventions, and pre and post interviews, using various standardized measurement tools.

Honors and Scholarships

2001-2002 Rutgers – Excellence Fellow
1998-2001 Excellence scholarship  as a TA in the "Amirim" Honors Program
1994-1997 Excellence scholarship  as a student  in the "Amirim" Honors Program


Social Activism

2000-2001 Initiated volunteer group of students who work with children from Essawia – a Palestinian village near the Hebrew University Mount Scopus Campus.


Fluent in Hebrew and English.

Intermediate speaking and reading skills in Spanish and Arabic.

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